It's Too Late

from by GuidoWorld

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Am i truly convinced that it is too late? No!

Yet, the path we are on is making the scenarios depicted in this song a plausible possibility.

Can freedom exist in a society where there is no privacy? Not any freedom which feels free to me.

I've always been a person who strives to maximize my experience of life. With this in mind, I'm always challenging myself and others to grow and develop. Societies as a whole can never grow as quickly as individuals inside of the society. This simple fact often leaves me at odds with the status quo.

Yet, the more our country is concerned with terrorism, and its definition of terrorism is synonymous with any person or force that threatens the interests and goals of the government, then isn't any deviation from the status quo potentially an act of terrorism?

People who defend our surveillance society say that they have no problem having their every move and communication being monitored by the government. After all, they say, they have done nothing wrong or have nothing to hide. Yet, if striving to make the world into a better place or desiring our government to be more life affirming is viewed as in conflict and undermining our government than it is easy for truly good well intentioned people to be branded and treated as terrorists.

In the end I have no desire to be a martyr, but only to be a happy person. Yet, every time I open my mouth and speak of love, harmony, tolerance, right action and compassion am I risking the wrath of a power structure intolerant of entertaining any thoughts outside the very narrow ideology of our elitist and imperialistic two party system.

And if you disagree with these thoughts and sentiments does that mean that I am deserving of being jailed or tortured? Has the expression of a heartfelt love for our fellow man, and a belief in our ability to share and be compassionate on a global basis become a valid reason to be banished from society?


It's Too Late 1/17/13

We’ve built them prisons intended for us
Oh, how silly we’ve been
When we talk in private we let them listen in
Oh, how silly we’ve been
They invented villians to gain our consent
Oh, how foolish we’ve been
We give them our money, our children, our sweat
Oh how silly we’ve been

Like fish in a barrell
there’s no place we can go
The fox in the hen house
Saying eeni, minee, mo
Hollow bullets rip through the door

The GPS will find us
There’s no place we can go
They shut down all the power grids
laughing eeni, minee, mo
predator drones hover and strike

We’re on every camera
Heat sensors pierce the floor
Our finger prints and retinas
give off a fatal glow
The raid continues until we are no more

They monitor conversation
Privacy is no more
Each keystroke is documented
Our every ebb and flow
Nothings safe from their greedy little hands

It’s too late, it’s too late
we’ve made such a big mistake
of that there is little debate

The bankers line their pockets as we get the heave ho
After each and every bail out our debt bomb does explode
The man in the white house bilikng us through hope

It’s too late, it’s too late
we’ve made such a huge mistake
of that there is little debate

It’s too late, it’s too late
we’ve made such a horrible mistake
of that there is little debate

It's Too Late


from Flesh of Life, released August 30, 2013



all rights reserved


GuidoWorld Asheville, North Carolina

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