Enlightened Psychopaths

from by GuidoWorld

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I love words, but I am aware that a person's actions are far more revealing and important than their words. Actions are far more indicative of the true nature of people than their words.

When we look at the actions of our political and governmental leaders they are difficult to tolerate let alone support. We often excuse make and attribute a higher purpose or political reality to their heinous and vicious actions.

If the most powerful people in the world are viewed as being incapable of acting in a humane and ethical fashion, than what hope is their for the rest of us to have a beneficial impact on the world? Why do we want to believe that the most powerful man in the world cannot act in a loving or life affirming fashion?

When hearing these thoughts the majority of individuals will say that the lyrics are dark and pessimistic. Yet, am I the pessimist or are the true pessimists those who feel that our leaders have to behave in such destructive and hateful ways.

I feel our leaders have the option to be good people and engage in life affirming action and do not have to resort to war, torture or genocide. Yet, the longer we support and defend such activities the more entrenched they become in the moral fabric of our nation and in our view of our basic humanity. In my mind, accepting and supporting such systematically heinous behavior is truly the pessimistic perspective.


Enlightened Psychopaths 12/30/12

He’ll smile at you with such compassion
his words are soft you feel protected
but I sense a coldness an empty soul
He’ll convince you all that he’s the victim
That he’d do right in a healthy system
but truly he acts according to his goals

They heap the praise on the lesser evil
Excuse his murders, blame his victims
He starves and tortures those who resist him
Does this all in the name of freedom

A daily kill list he does fashion
Silent birds enact this scarlet passion
Children die or live in fear
For there’s no where to hide
no where to go
this used to be their land
It still is their home

No decent man would accept such power
No feeling family man could unleash such horror

There’s nothing worse than living
Seeing your own death
Full of pain, torture and suffering
To your screams of alarm all are deaf

In a sky wreaking surprise death
There is no time to surrender
There is no explaining
That you are mistaken

Through out the globe
We send our young brave heroes,
Who are taught how to hate
to become and protect
those who murder and rape

Enightened psychopaths, they know what’s best
Our elected psychopaths, in them we trust


from Flesh of Life, released August 30, 2013



all rights reserved


GuidoWorld Asheville, North Carolina

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